St James The Less World War 1 Memorial


The Church of St James the Less (St James Avenue Bethnal Green.) was built circa 1840.

The church was bombed during the WW2 in 1944 and the church community had to relocate to a church owned building in Sewardstone Road  (now Gate House School).

St James the Less was partially rebuilt in 1960(part of the original structure survived most notably the tower).  

A wooden war memorial for the Great War 1914-1918 survived the bombing and this was also relocated to the building in Sewardstone Road, where it remains today.


"In Honoured memory of those of this church and parish who fell in the Great War - Their Name Liveth for evermore" 


 W. Ackland, W.E. Ackland, S. Adams, E. Agombar, R. Ainsworth, A. Alderton, G. Albiston, G Allen, L.J. Allen, J. Amos, J.H. Amos, A.W.G Anderson, E. Anderson, J. Anderson, G. Apps, G.W. Argent, A. Arno, E.C. Ashwell, L.C. Ashwell, J.E. Ayrton, F. Ayton, T.H. Barker, G. Barnes, J. Barnett, J. Barrell, A. Bartlett, A.E. Beazley, J. Beazley, J.A. Beazley, C. Bedwell, R. Beeson, A. Belcher, W.T. Bird, H.W. Blackman, F.G. Blunt, R.J. Blunt, R. Boardman, H. Botley, H.J. Boughton, O.E. Bradshaw, F.Broadbear, A.W. Brock, W. Brooking, A. Brown, S.G. Bridge, T. Bryant, W.G. Bull, H.C. Button, A. Campling, J. Cannan, C. Canter, A. Cassell, A. Charters, B. Clamp, P.H. Clark, G. Clarke, W.E. Clift, E. Closen, A. Cockerell, H.A. Cole, V.T. Cole, W.A. Connelly, H.A. Cook, T.E. Cook, R. Coote, F. Corse, A.T. Cowling, C.F. Cox, J. Cross, E. Crosby, A.E. Cushway, P.P. Daines, G. Dalliday, J.H. Dalliday, W.S. Davey, A.W. Dawkins, C. Dean, W.H. Dillon, F.J. Dodson, J. Dormer, G. Dowsett, T. Dowsett, T.A. Doyle, W. Eagles, T.A.Eden,W. Elder, H.J Emery, I. Emsley, F.G English, R. Erira, W.G. Farmer, T. Fennings, F.V. Fitzgerald, M. Fitzpatrick, R.E. Ford, A.W.Gadd, R. Gale, W. J. Gardner, W. Gazzard, J Gilchrist, H. Golding, G.W. Golton, C. J. Goodbody, A. Goodwin, F.J. Goodwin, H.A. Goodwin, J. Goodwin, J. Gray, A.F. Green, F.E. Green, G. Greenfield, J. Greenwood, S. Grimwood, G.W. Gristy, T. Hamblin, H.J. Handley, A.W.Harding, C.J Harding, P Harper, T.D. Harper, C.E. Harrington, J.J. Harrington, A. Harris, C.J. Harris, E.J. Harris, H.J. Harris, J. Haskell, S.J. Hathaway, A.G. Hawkes, J.C. Hawkes, T.A. Hawkes, T.E Hayes, T Haywood, T.E. Haywood, L. Heap, W.S. Hedger, J. Herbert, R, Heudebourck, A.J. Hickey, W. Hines, A. Hirons, W.C Hobney, J. Hodges, H.W. Hopcraft, F. Hornzee, J Horwell, J. Howell, J.W.Hudson, B.A. Jackson, J.H. Jacques, G. Jameson, J. Jarman, E. Kempton, A.W. Kibble, J.H. Kidd, G.W. King, A.J. Kirk, F.C. Kriete, G. Laccohee, C.A. Lane, R. Larney, B. Lawrence, T. Lawday, H. Leary, J.C. Leech, F. Libka, G. Libka, W.R. Lilly, R.J. Ling, L.S. Long, H.T. Loring, A. Lovejoy, Ar. Lovejoy, W. Lucioni, G.T. Mansfield, E.G. Martin, H.V. Martyn, P. MCGrath, R. McHard, A.G. Middlebrook, F. Miller, J.G. Mills, S.H.E. Mogg, C. Mold, E.E. Morgan, G.A. Morrison, J. Murray, W. Nash, R. Nay, F.A. Nelson, L. Nelson, E. Newman, A. Nicholls, F. Nixon, R. Northfield, E. Nott, H.A. Osborne, W. Owen, T. Parker, H.E. Payne, A. Pearce, E.A. Peers, W.D Perry, C.C. Phillips, G.A. Pickering, R. Pimm, F.J Poppy, C. Porch. A.C. Power, G. Preston, C. Proctor, F..J. Prosser, J Puttick, W.C. Quilter, C.F. Rands, W. Rason, A.C. Reeve, C. Roberts, F. Robertson, E. Rowland, A. Royal, A. Roylance, B Ruffle, E. Sandle, G Sceats, F. Service, G. Shearman, E.T. Shoesmith, A.A. Shoulder, F. Shoulder, A.V. Siebert, W.J. Siebert, J. Silk, C.Simpson, P.W. Simpson, C.E. Skeet, A. Smith, C.G. Smith, C.W. Smith, E. Smith, H. Smith, A. Spurling. J.B. Standing, H.T. Stiff, E.G. Stokes, F.A. Stone, E. Stoner, C.E. Stradling, J.A. Stubbs, H.J. Summers, A.G. Suter, A.J. Taylor, F. Taylor, T. Taylor, A.P Tewes, J. Thomas, J.W.T. Thorn, J.J. Thurkettle, H.G. Thurlow, W.E. Timothy, S. Tolls, A.F. Tompkins, H.C Toy'e, G. Trew, J.H. Tundervary, C. Turner, F.J. Tydeman, C. Urie, J. Vanner, N. Vaus, T. Vine, F.G. Wardner, S. Warlow, G. Warner, J.F. Wastell, H. Wathews, W. Wathews, C. Westrop, A. Whittam, P.G. Wildig, C.H. Wilkins, J.E. Wilkins, W.A. Wilkinson, F. Wilson, J. Wilson, F.W. Wood, F.A. Woodbridge, J. Woolf, J.W. Woolf, I.I. Wright.    


In addition to the names of the fallen , there are 7 panels along the base of the memorial which show the emblems and mottos to represent the services, they are (from left to right )

The Navy, The Infantry, The Cavalry , R.A.M.C , The Artillery and The Royal Air Force.

There is a central panel showing the Union Flag crossed with the Royal Standard above which is a shining golden cross.