St Peter's Parish Church was joined by the Parish of St Thomas in 1951

There are two war memorials at St Peters With St Thomas Church. The wooden panels with gilt are original to St Peters. The white enamel panels were removed from the WWI memorial at St Thomas 


 "To the Greater Glory of God and to the honoured and undying memory of thoses whose names are inscribed on these panels who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918"




James Polston, Frederick Fisher, Thomas Nevison, Charles Durham, Henry Remon, John Guest, James Wastell, James May, William Sayer, James Humphreys, Arthur Chantrey, Arthur Jordan, Thomas Borrington, William Godier, John Millie, Richard Groves, James Overett, Robert Duffield, Richard White, Frederick Hickman, Thomas Bramley, Frederick Sunshine, Charles Dorow, James Howe, Bertram Norris, Arthur Steel, John Clifford, Henry Longley, George Stedman, Arthur Jaggs, Donald Meadway, James Buckingham, Frank Dean, Harry Rogers, Arthur Wigmore, Thomas McCarthy, Alfred Dunk, Ernest Dullage, George Tyler, Edward Turner, Henry Turner, Albert Walker, Harry Thurgood, James Thurgood, Edward Brewerton, Charles King, Frederick Pendlebury, Albert Spurgeon, Samuel Richards, George Coles, Henry Eagle, George Morris, Ernest Tappin, Daniel Fielder, Albert Embleton, Albert Robinson, Henry Hoare, George Sewell, George Hall, Charles Davis, Thomas Gammon, Robert Buckle, Ernest Pope, John Lewis, Frederick Smith, George Bennett, Frederick Bates, John Pyne, Benjamin Hoare, Alfred Board, Charles Mercer, Charles Beavon, William Gore, Frederick Marshall, Percy Bread, William Ross, Joseph Richardson, William Richards, Harold Wheddon, Henry Elledge, William Wilkinson, Albert Mortimer.

 WWII  Eric Weatherill

 The Tablets Removed from St Thomas Church 1914-1919


William Alabaster, Arthur Ansell, Alfred Ashby, William Bacon, William Baitrum, Sydney Batchelor, Thomas Britten, Albert Billett, Henry Breeze, William Brock, Leonard Brock, Francis Brock, Alfred Broderick, George Bromley, Percy Bush, Leonard Butler, James Campbell,Alfred Capes, Charles Chapman, Alfred Clow, William Cole, George Collier, Joseph Cope, Charles Cordwell, Horace Cordwell, Harry Cott, Alfred Crease, William Crease, Herbert Creek, Joshua Dark, Harry Edwards, Alec Everett, Alexander Frankis, Walter Fremaux, John Gentleman, John Gilbert, Frederick Girling, Charles Green, Albert Grint, Frederick Grisley, Albert Harper, Ernest Harper, Herbert Heath, Henry Hewitt, William Hilburn, Martin Holland, James Hughes, Davis Hutton, James Johnston, Ernest Jones, Percy Knightly, George Lamb, William Langford, Albert Langford, Albert Levey, Richard Lloyd, Joseph Lugg, Thomas Lyons, Charles Maser, Henry Matterface,
William Matthews, Henry McGuiness, Albert Millier, Albert Moon, Frederick Morgan, William Offwood, Henry Overton, Edward Parr, Albert Peckham, Augustus Perryment, Frederick Potts, William Potts, George Powell, Edward Purdon, Charles Robertson, Alexander Robinson, James Sams, Leonard Smith, Charles Smith, Henry Smith, William Smith, William Street, Thomas Talbot, James Thursby, Edward Trahar, Alfred Treedon, Alfred Treedon, Robert Trenter, Albert Tripp, Henry Tweed, James Walker, Ges Weeks, George White, Thomas Wild, George Willis, George Woodleigh, Leonard Wylie.