Raines Foundation School

Im beginning to think that there is something unusual about the memorials at Raine's Foundation school. 

There are two WWI memorials the first in brass with the citation " In grateful memory of old Raineians who died in the service of their country during the great war." and lists 30 plus men. The second memorial is wooden with the citation " we are at peace by their warfare" and lists approx 250 men. which is an enormous number for one school. 

All the men listed on the brass WWI memorial also appear on the wooden WWI .

 I have managed to find records on the Commonwealth War graves Commission site for most of the men who appear on the brass memorial, however I have been unable to find any records for the men whose names appear only on the wooden memorial. 

I suspect that the names on the wooden memorial may be a record of those Raineians who served in the great war but did not perish 

Raines Foundation School

I have started to index the two WWI memorials , I don't know why there are two memorials, so far the names transcribed appear on both memorials. 

Very poignant transcribing a school memorial , it hits you when you see the same surname over again , knowing that they are most likely Brothers or Cousins. There are four men with the surname Bagel. (Ill do a little further research)

Raines Foundation School

Starting to index the memorials for Raines School .There are three memorials,one of which is very big, going to take a good week or so to transcribe and index.

Parmiter's School

There are a couple of discrepancy's between parmiter's school written records and the names on the memorial. I have decide to record the names as they appear on the actual memorial. I have now added the names of the parmiter's fallen to the general surname index.

Parmiters School

I have almost completed the page for Parmiter's School , I hope to include in my main index at the weekend. I have a query about one man who the school records record as William P Redgrove  but the memorial appears to read H.R Redgrove. The shcool have been very helpful and I hope will help me resolve. Just to add to the confusion neither WP or HR Redgrove appear on the CWGC site.

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