The Royal London Hospital- Whitechapel

 The Royal London Hospital - Whitechapel


The London Hospital was founded in 1740 in Moorfields, the hospital was relocated to its Whitechapel home in 1757. The hospital received its "Royal" title in 1990. The war memorial was dedicated to the fallen of both world wars and is sited in the reception of the old hospital (closed to the public in 2012). This building is currently undergoing refurbishment. A new modern hospital was opened on adjacent land in 2012.


The hospital received the first wounded to return from the Western Front during the First World War. For a detailed history of t​he life and times of the hospital see"


 "To the memory of those of the London Hospital who gave their lives in the great wars"



 "Let those who come after see to it that their names be not forgotten"


G. Adler, R. Ainsworth, A.F. Alexander, W. Andrews, F.R. Armitage D.S.O, A.E. Austin, W.R. Barrett, H.W. Batchelor, J.E. Black M.C, W. Bowra, F.A.J.R. Brooke, R.T. Brotchie, I. Macdonald Brown, R.D.D.D. Brownson, H.L. Burgess, J. Burke, P.H. Burton, H.V.B. Byatt, A.A. Casalis, G.M.Chapman, F.B. Chenoy, R. Child, G.H. Chisnall, F.W. Copeland, J.H. Connolly, E. Cox, E. Croft M.C., A. Cunniffe, L.H. Dardier, R.E.B. Denny, J. Deighton, H. Dunkerley, K.M. Dyott, Caroline M. Edwards, J. Chute Ellis, Ella M. Elvins, Sir Frederic Eve ,R.W. Fawcett, P. Ferguson, H.J. Finnemore, W.G. Fletcher, J.E. Foreman, A.C. Fox D.S.O., F.G. Francis, R.D. French, H. Gibson, A .Goss, G.L. Grant, E.W. Griffin, A.J. Harris, G.R. Heard, E. Hill M.M., G. Hodgkins, T.G.S. Hodson, A.A. Howell C.M.G, T.D, C.E.A. Huddart, J. Ingerson, T.L. Ingram D.S.O. M.C., H.S. Jackson, J.W. Jenkinson, G.M. Johnson, H.J.R. Jones, A.Knowlden, T.J. Latham, S.J. Lauder, D.L. Lewis, R. McC. Linnell, W.M. Loy, W.J. MacCombie, M. Mackenzie, A.R. MacMullen D.S.C and Bar, A. Macnab, H.H. Marten, V.L. Matthews, L. McAfee, W. McQuiban, H.G. Morris, S.H. Morris, P.G. Mortlock, P.K. Nix, H.F.G. Noyes, M.J. Oatley, C.W. Odam, W.R. Pagen, E.A. Pearson, B.W. Phillips, G.R. Plaister, R.E. Porter, R.A. Preston M.C, S.D. Ratnagar, M.F. Reaney, E.M. Ridge, J.L.Roberton, W.R.S. Roberts, H.H. Robinson M.C, J.A. Ruck, G. Scates, J.E. Scudamore, A.K. Sinha, T. Smith, W.A. Sneath, J.R. Spensley, H.G.F. Spurrell, J. Stainsby, W. Stedman, J.M. Stenhouse M.C., E.L. Stephenson, L.E. Stevens, R. Stubbins, A.B. Thompson, A.J. Tonkinson, A. Traill, L.K.Tweedie, A.N. Walker, G.A. Walker, G.H. Watson, J.H.D. Watson, J.G. Will, J.E.S. Wilson, R. Wright, F. Younger.


P.S. Adler, D.S. Bateman, B.D. Berger, C.F. Burton, Rachel S. Cattela, C.M. Davis, E.L. Elliott, H.W. Everett, M. Evnine, S.T. Falla J.R.G. Harris, Gertrude Hayes, Sir N. Gray Hill Bt M.C., R.J.F. Howe, P.V. Isaac, J.C. Jeffrey D.S.C., S.G. Kybird, Beatrice Le B .Smith, P. McCarthy, D.A. Miln, W.T.M. Moar, A.J. Moon, P. Owen, E.O. Pedersen, J.A. Perkins, C.L. Pretre, C.F. Rainer, F.G. Roberts, J.F. Roberts, E.B. Rotherham, Gertrude I . Sadler, D.S Scott, A. Ford Smith M.B.E., T.V. Somerville D.S.O, O.B.E, M.C., R.G. Spicer, Lorna S. Symonds, R. Fowler Ward, J.G. Warren, E.N. Whitley, N.N. Wilson, A.R. Yates.