St Mary's Matfelon Whitechapel

They gave their lives for their country and their souls to God.


A church has stood on this site since 1329, it was rebuilt several times, circa 1673, 1880 and 1882. The church was bombed in 1940 during the blitz and demolished in 1952.

The original church was known locally as the white chapel and it is widely accepted to be the origins of the place name Whitechapel.


The site of the church is now a public park , however an outline of the footprint of the church remains in silent remembrance.






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The war memorial was believed to be removed from the church as part of the site clearance probably in the 1970's it was offered for sale as scrap copper, however its historical value was recognized by John Tunstill who purchased the memorial and at his own cost had the memorial restored and reported to the Imperial War Museum and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The Memorial is now housed in The Bishopsgate Institute Library.

The Imperial War Museum written opinion was that " We believe that the men on the inscription would have been parishioners of St Mary's Matfelon Whitechapel ".