"In proud remembrance of old Parmiterians who fell in two great wars"


Parmiter's old School in Approach Road - Now Raine's Foundation School 

Parmiter's School was first established in the 1700s and moved to Approach Road in Bethnal Green in 1887 where it remained until 1981 when the school body relocated to new premises at Garston, Hertfordshire. 

The  building in Approach Road is now home to Raine's Foundation School who moved there in 1985 from its previous location in Arbour Square Stepney.

The WW1 & WW11 War memorial for Parmiter's School was relocated with the school to their new premises in Garston. A photograph of the memorial was kindly provided by the school for inclusion on this site. 


Pro Patria - Parmiter's School 1914-1918

A.E. Allnutt, R.C.N. Armfield, F.J. Balmer, C.S.Barns, A.L. Beazley, H.E. Benstead, D.Berg, L.V.L Glassborow, S.T.L. Bickerton, B.C. Biner, R.A. Biner, W. Bingley, O.E. Bradshaw, R.B. Brown, W.G.P. Brown, F.G. Bushby, E.I. Butler, H. Cane, J.H. Cane, G.G. Catmur, A.R. Clark, J.H. Clark, H.A.Clarke, H.C. Collinson, R.G. Coote, L.S.Long, R.E.Crooks, S. Cross, E.J. Daniels, T.S. Dean, J.R. Deathridge, A.J. Drinkwater, H.S. Elphick, G.W. Emery, E.A. Faunch, C.D. Fearn, R. Fisher, H.J. Fletcher, P.A. Francis, W.R.N. Frentzel, S.E. Fulcher, H.B. Gale, F. Gentry, J.V. Goldsworthy, A. Gough, S. Gresham, W.H. Hasselwood, H.B.W. Hatch, B.G. Hill, W.A. Hooker, R.W. James, D.E. Jones, J. Josephs, R.D. King,  B.Lazarus, L. Lee, W.J. Lewis, F.W. Ling, F.S. Long, F.G. Lough, F.G. Manning, D.W. McIntyre, D.H. Meadway, F.A. Meggy, H. Mendes, H.F. Metson, L.G. Moore, L.W. Newnham, S.E. Newnham, A.E. Newton, V.G. Osterroth, C. Parker, F.B. Parslow, W.H.J. Parsons, F.A. Pearse, H.A. Petty, C.G. Potter, J.W. Steward, H.A. Purser, A.E. Puttock, A.J.R. Rahbula, F.H. Randall, C.W. Raper, E.L. Rawlins, B.H. Richardson, C.F. Robson, H.W. Scoones, H.R. Seaward, A.E. Short, A.E. Steel, H.J. Stewart, A.W. Strong, A.G. Taylor, H.V. Thornton, F.L. Watford, L.C. Watson, C.H. Westrop, W.F.M. Wheeler, E.A. Whittingham, W.H. Whittingham, G. Wimble, J.H. Winn, F.W. Wastell,

 Pro Patria - Parmiter's School 1939 -1945


H.C.J. Althans, E. Artus, P.J.Ashton, J.S. Bates, J.H.H. Blore, R.Bradford, W.A. Brown, C.A. Clayton, S.F. Cowcher, W.P. Crouch, G.W. Fenn, H.J. Forecast, A.E. Grimsdell, P.J. Gulvin, S.W. Hammond, R.E. Herron, H.P.H. Kiddle, L.Lee,C.A. Lyons, E.G. Martin, R.F. Martin, A.Metson, G.B. Partt, D.P. Passmore, H.J. Pleydell, C.G. Randolph, H.R. Redgrove, M. Shaw, I. Saffer, D.W. Smith, E.S. Smith, M. Wayne, F.W.O .Weeks, E.V. Wenzerul, R.E. Wilkins,  F.C Yeo, D.A. Zackheim. 


Memorial Transcribed by S. Kreloff 

The WW1 & WW2 Memorial and Roll of Honour for Raine's Foundation School were relocated from Arbour Square Stepney to the old Parmiter's building in Approach Road.  See the page for Raine's Foundation School for details.

Both Parmiter's School and Raine's School were philanthropic works/bequests by Thomas Parmiter and Henry Raines.

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