Raine's Foundation School



" In grateful memory of old Raineians who died in the service of their country during the great war - we are at peace by their warfare."

Raines School was first established in Wapping in the 1700s. The school became secondary education for Boys in 1897 and Girls in 1904, this necessitated a larger school premises and the school was moved to Arbour Square Stepney in 1913. The school moved again in 1985 to its present home in Approach Road Bethnal Green (The former site of Parmiter's School).

The war memorials and roll of honour were moved with the school from Arbour Square to Approach Rd.




There are two WWI memorials dedicated to fallen Raineians and a roll of honour book for WWII (which includes civilian losses)

 " In grateful memory of old Raineians who died in the service of their country during the great war" 



John. Adcock,Victor. T. Bishop,Reginald. Bozet,Frederick. Budgen,William. Burton,Stanley. C. Cadman,Arthur. Catherine,William.Chard, Frank. Cobring, Herbert. Cooper, Albert. E. Dallibar, Cyril. Franklin,Percy. David, Thomas. G. Dixon,Alfred. Duncan,Arthur .H. Goddard,Harold. Godwin,Richard. Lewis,Walter. A. McMinn,Ernest. R. Middleton,Albert. E. Miller,Harold. Moss, George. Newbury,Thomas. P. P. Walker (school staff),Robert. Newham,Harry. Parker Victor. Pring, William.J. Stock, Albert. Stares,William. H. Smith,George. Thom,William.Wakeman, Charles. Warne, Ernest.Warren, Frederick.J.Williams.

"We are at peace by their warfare."


J. Adcock, F.E. Adkins, J.A. Alcock, H.J. Alfred, W.F. Alford, A.E. Anderson, S.T.G. Andrews, S. Ashton, H. Bagel, J. Bagel, L. Bagel, M. Bagel, C.V. Baily, L.G. Baily, C.G. Barratt, C. Batley, W. Baynes, G.H. Bell, J. Bennett, W.J. Berry, A.E. Birtles, V. Bishop, J. Blackman, R. Blackmore, A.H. Blazey, C.Blythe, H.J. Blyth, J. Boberg, O. Boettjer, A.F. Bourlett, F.A. Bontoft, R. Bozet, G. Bremner, W.R. Bristow, R. Brown, F. Budgen, D. Bullwinkle, A. Bunting, B. Burden, C. Burgis, W. Burton, F.W. Bustard, B. Butcher, S. Cadman, H.W. Cadman, W.S. Capon, A. Castle, A.E. Catherine, W. Catherine, W. Chard, F. Clark, B.H. Clark, R.W. Clark, C.R. Cleghorn, A. Clements, H.J. Coase, F. Cobring, E. Cole, W.H. Coleman, A.J. Collins, W. Collins, H. Cooper, E.G. Couzens, S. Crafford, H.A. Craggs, A.P. Craze, A.E. Dallibar, P. David, A.H. Davis, C. Davis, F. Davis, G. Davis, A. Dellow, F. Dennison, T.G. Dixon, W. Dodd, H.B. Doyle, A. Duncan, L.Ehlen, A.E. Elliott, A.W. Ellison, J. Ellowitz, H. Elvey, W. English, J. Fairhurst, T.C. Fardell, B. Farrell, J. Ferguson, E. Figg, C.F. Follenfant, C. Forder, J.E. Francis, C. Franklin, A.H. Franks, F.E. Fulford, A. Gager, B.D. Gardner, S. Gepstein, F.H. Gladwin, A.H. Goddard, H. Godwin, R. Gold, I. Goldstein, E. GoulstonH. Green, J. Green, T. Guppy, W. Hackshaw, E. Hague, P. Hague, S. Hague, E. Hale, P. Hale, F. Hancock, T. Hayes, E.J. Hayward, J.G. Hayward, E.J. Haywood, J.A. Healey, H. Hyams, R. Helbing, V. Helbing, E. Hems, R.S. Higdon, R. Higgs, H. Hobbs, G.H. Hoile, J. Hood, F.A. Holland, L. Honnor, S.J. Hopkins, J. Horigan, S. Horigan, E.J. Horne, H. Horner, W. Hudson, H.J. Hutchings, H. Ironmonger, A. Isaacs, L. Isaacs, J. Jacobs, G. James, G. Jennings, W.J. Jennings, H.T. Jennings, L.T. Jones, W.A. Jones, R.J. Jones, P.R. Jones, R. Johnson, D.E. Keefe, C.W. Kerr, A. Kilby, C.A. King, T. King, L. Kirkup, A. Kohring, W. Laver, F. Lefty, E. Leonard, E. Lerpiniere, S. Levene, R.F. Lewis, N. Lindop, D. Lockyer, W. Lockyer, W.E. Lomax, A.J. Luke, J. Lunn, W. McCreath, D. McDermott, W.A. McMinn, T McSweeny, E.E. Martin, C.H. Medina, C. Medina, A. Michael, E.R. Middleton, H. Miller, A.J. Mohring, A.J. Moore, E. Moore, W.T. Morgan, H.D. Moss, F.T. Mulkern, A. Millier, A.J. Mulvany, C. Mulvany, J. Myers, G. Newbury, H. Newell, J. Newham, R. Newham, W.E. Nicholls, F. Nutting, V Nutting, A.J. O' Brien, J. Palmer, D.Park, H. Parker, L.C. Parrish, F.M. Pasfield, J. Patterson, P. Patterson, A.G. Payne, E. Payne, H. Peart, J. Penny, A. Pepper, W.F. Perkins, W. Perkins, C. Petry, W.G. Pickering, H.V. Polan, V.A. Pollard, H.M. Posner, T. Powell, T.A. Prince, V. Pring, E.G. Pullen, N.J. Pullen, E.W. Pusey, A.B. Raby, F.G. Read, W. Redbond, H.H. Reed, W. Regan, S. Rew, C. Riley A.J. Roberts, J. Roberts, J. Rodgers, B. Rookwood, F. Rose, W. Rose, A. Rosen, J. Rosenthal, G. Round, H. Round, E. Rowe, C.H. Russell, T.B. Sanders, S. Segal, Y. Sidney, A.W. Smith, E.G. Smith, W.H. Smith, S.H. Smith, A.J. Stares, F. C Stares, R. Stevenson, W. Stock, H.T. Stokes, P. Stothard, E.W. Stott, J.H. Stott, W. Styles, J. Sullivan J. Sutherland, A.J. Taylor, H. Taylor, G. Thom, A.B. Tomkins, E.A. Tooley, T. Tott, W.J. Townsley, A. Trumble, A.G. Tyler, W. Valentine, W. H. Wakeman, T.P.P. Walker, C. Warne, A. Warren, A.E. Warren, E. Warren, S.G. Warren, C.J Whadcoat, A.L. Wheeler, H.D. White, E. Whitehead, E.M. Whittingham, S.W. Whittingham, L. Willey, S. Willey, A.D. Williams, A.E. Williams, F.J. Williams, W. Wilsdon, S.J. Winch, W. Wing, C.W. Franklin, A.S Vince, H.R. Nicholls, F.S. Coffin, S.W. Wilkins, R.W. Nield, H. Smith, D. Solomons, T.R. Dean.