St Barnabas Church World War One Memorial  

"To the men of this parish who gave their lives for freedom"

St Barnabas


 St Barnabas Church was first consecreated in 1870. The church suffered bomb damage in 1942 and was rebuilt in 1957. The church remains open for worship. The church was originally part of the Metropolitan Borough of Bethnal Green, although subsequent boundary changes have placed it just within Bow.



      "Killed In The Fight For Freedom"

 Agombar W, Amson E.F, Archard G, Ayton F.W, Bacchus A, Badman H.J, Baker E.R, Baker H.J, Barnes E.W, Barnadier J, Bartlett E, Bath R.F, Baxter G, Beasley J, Beasley W.T, Beely E.A, Benn E, Blumsom L.J, Boughton E.G, Boughton H.J, Boxall A.H, Boyd C, Breeze S, Breeze T, Bridges F, Bromley H.J, Brown G.R, Burns W.H, Cash J, Cattell W, Catton G, Champness H.S, Childs T.W, Claro F, Coe J, Cook T, Cooper F, Daniels H, Davidson G, Dudley C.H, England E.W, Ewin A.E, Fitzgerald J.E, Frost S, Godin G.J, Green C.W, Gunning A, Hall (no initials), Hearn C, Hill T, Hilliard G, Hooper R, Jaques A, Jaques H, Jones W.T, Knight G, Langley H, Lee A, Lockwood G, Lyons A.F, Mann G.H, Mason W, Mayor T, McGuire J, McLagan W, Mead S.L, Moxey C, Moxey J, Newton A, Norton C.J.T, Oates W, Ormes J, Otzman C, Parmenter W, Parsons E, Pickering A.E, Pollard W.E, Porter E, Potter W, Prosser A, Robinson F, Robinson J.A, Robinson W.C, Robinson J, Saunders T.W, Say A.T.J, Service H.J, Shearing R, Slate A, Smith H.E, Solomons S, Stanford A.E, Steer G, Symmons A, Thomas R.C, Thompson G.F, Thurgood G.W, Tompkins A.F, Turner G.H, Voller T, Wakefield C, Waller A,Warner A, Warner J, White B.W, White J, Wilcox S.T, Winter E.J, Winter H.J, Wright A.